Friday, 3 August 2012

Renault Cardiff novel disposal of used tyres


For immediate release: May 31st, 2012


School-children have given Renault Cardiff the tick of approval after taking delivery of a stack of used tyres to create a vegetable and herb garden.

In an innovative move, Renault Cardiff General Sales Manager, Darren Bowen has found a new way of recycling old tyres which help both education and the environment.
He will deliver the tyres free of charge to anyone who can find a green use for them to reduce their major environmental impact.

Around 100,000 tyres are changed every day in the UK, that’s 450,000 tonnes per year that have to be disposed of or reused often in the engineering industry as drainage and collection systems in landfills, or used as a resurfacing material.
Used tyres have proved to be a cost effective material in many gardens and projects including coastal defences and crash barriers at motor racing circuits, their use proving a safe method of disposal that does not impact on the environment. They are considered to be commercial waste and must be disposed of safely, but Mr Bowen was keen to find ways that tyres could be recycled to reduce the environmental impact and allow the dealership to help the local community.

He approached a couple of local schools in Cardiff:  Bryn Hafod Primary School took tyres to build an obstacle course cycle track for the children and also to help teach them about road safety.   
St David’s Primary School at Cwmbran took 20 tyres and children planted vegetable and herb gardens inside them, painting the tyres different colours to brighten up the school gardens.

Picture: Children at St David’s Primary School show off one of their herb gardens created in a used tyre from Renault Cardiff
Mr Bowen said he was delighted to see used tyres being found a new purpose in the local community. “We have to dispose of 10 used tyres a day. Schools are always short of money and I am more than happy to deliver the tyres free of charge for the children to help with projects such as road safety and how they can grow their own herbs and vegetables.”
He said he would like to hear from any other schools who might have a use for used tyres while the schools are always keen to hear from anyone who can supply them with soil, seeds, plants or paint.

Any schools which have a use for used tyres in any projects can contact Darren Bowen at Renault Cardiff  295 Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8UU. Tel: 02920 421000.



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