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For immediate release 31st October, 2011

With some forecasters predicting yet another bitterly-cold winter, Renault dealership Ness Motors in Perth is making a timely move the help improve local road safety by offering drivers a range of special winter products and helpful hints.

Last year saw an average temperature of just 2 degrees in Perthshire, and forecasts of snow for the end of 2011 and start of 2012 will mean treacherous driving conditions and a high chance of serious accidents. Just look at the alarming Department of Transport statistics which show drivers are five times more likely to skid on ice and snow-covered roads than in the dry.

Ness Motors wants to make sure its Renault customers and all local drivers take every precaution necessary when facing winter road conditions over the coming months. The dealership in Dunkeld Road, is offering a winter health check for just £9.95, which includes an inspection of tyres, lights, windscreen wipers, the car battery and oil levels. These are all essential areas to have in top condition on your car or van before driving in the winter cold.

Service Staff can also fit specially-designed winter tyres, with extra grip at low temperatures, for just £79. These tyres could prove vital for safety, as stopping distances are 10 times longer on snow and ice. Winter tyres maintain their tread and improve stability with wider grooves and narrower slits on the edge of the tread area, helping drivers keep control of their vehicle in winter conditions.

The dealership is also selling snow tyre socks which slip over the wheels of a vehicle if it needs more traction, for £59.99. Tyre socks have a coarse outer surface and slip on to the wheels of a car that has become stuck on ice or in a sudden snow fall, enabling it to move off using the extra grip.

“Making sure your car is able to cope with winter roads is vital and something that could save lives” said Chris Rankin, Managing Director of Ness Motors. “We want to make sure our customers and local drivers who call in to the dealership are as safe as possible when they are  driving in Perthshire this winter.

"We just want to let local motorists know they are welcome to come in and ask advice on how to best protect their car from the effects of snow and ice as we have a comprehensive range of equipment and useful products specifically to protect your car, and most importantly, your family.”

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