Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The Forum was electrified this weekend when local Renault dealers hosted a driving event with a difference.


The event was organised as part of Renault’s Z.E. Test Drive Tour 2012 and allowed local motorists and customers of Holden Renault to drive the head-turning electric  two-seat  Twizy  urban compact .  The Kangoo Van Z.E. and Fluence  Z.E. saloon were also available to test drive, while the forthcoming  ZOE supermini was on display

People were invited to put the Twizy through its paces on a Twizy agility course after being welcomed inside Renault’s geodesic dome. The dome was a welcome point and allowed visitors to find out more about battery range, charging times, pricing and Plugged-In Places infrastructure.


Kerry Grady from Holden Renault was on hand to answer questions about living with an electric vehicle. She said: “Over the weekend, more than 150 test drives were taken.  The Forum was a fantastic backdrop to our test drives and allowed customers to put the electric range to the test in relaxed surroundings. 


“The whole event was very positive and we had massive interest in all of the range over the weekend. As well as invited customers, there were many people who were walking past and were intrigued by what they saw. Everyone had a smile on their face after the test drive and we were able to answer questions on running costs, the environmental benefits and Renault’s unique battery leasing.”


For more information on Renault’s Z.E. range, visit Holden Renault on Heigham Street (01603 628911) or click onto



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