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When customers collect their brand new Renault at Gravells, they usually hand over the keys to their traded-in vehicle before driving off.


But there was an extra surprise for staff at Kidwelly Renault dealership Gravells when Robert Harley came in to collect his brand new Clio, as he presented them with a poem entitled “Renault Heaven” about his ownership experience.


The poem has been published in the local town magazine and will also be sung to the tune of Cwm Rhondda by the Cor Meibion Dyffryn Tywi Choir at a forthcoming concert in the town.


Jonathan Gravell from Gravells, who handed over the keys to the Harleys, said: “It is always a pleasure to hand over the keys to a customer, but for someone to be so delighted with their previous Renault, that they put pen to paper and write a poem is a real sign of their love for the car and the Gravells service. Rebecca bought her Clio five years ago and now Robert has joined her replacing the faithful Mégane.  We’re delighted to receive this verse and wish them all the best in their new Clio”


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Picture caption: Robert and Rebecca Harley collect their new Clio from Jonathan and David Gravell.


Renault Heaven (to the tune of Cwm Rhondda)


Gravells Renault in Kidwelly,

They sell cars that go on and on

Twelve years and a hundred’n sixty thousand

My soft top Mégane should be gone


To Renault Heaven, Renault Heaven

That great Car Park in the sky, in the sky,

Where Renaults go to when they die


Though the years have taken their toil, just

Reg’lar servicing, change of oil

Have kept my trusty steed on rolling

My suspect driving has not spoiled


Renault Heaven, Renault Heaven

That is where my car should be, car should be

Gravells kept her going reverently


Tho’ my battered car is past it

Gravells Garage does reveal,

The main thing that is wrong with the car is,

The nut holding on the steering wheel


Renault Heaven, Renault Heaven,

Aiming for that further shore, further shore

But the delights of a brand new Clio are in store...

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