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For immediate release: September 20, 2011

Renault Solihull has given officers from West Midlands Police a massive boost when it comes to patrolling the largest exhibition centre in the UK.
The Renault dealership has supplied them with a new Grand Scénic to help them cover the 650 acres of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.
The sponsored vehicle will make a huge difference to the officers at the site, as the NEC attracts over 2 million visitors a year and they currently oversee the whole area on foot.
PC Chris Traves, and his colleagues PC Paul Forty and PCSO Andy Burton, will be those benefitting from the vehicle.
PC Traves said: “We can do a lot on foot inside the NEC, but it’s a lot more than just the inside that we need to be able to cover.
“There are thousands of car parking spaces and the surrounding areas are like their own mini villages.
“Just to be able to patrol all those areas quickly and efficiently and to get around in speed will be priceless.
“If we need to get somewhere fast for an emergency then we will be able to do this.
“The car will be a brilliant addition for us and it really is a massive deal because we need to look after such a vast area.”
The NEC is home to 20 exhibition halls and a further 30 car parks around the site, it also stages 125 consumer exhibitions every year.
PC Traves and the other officers also cover the local hotels in the area around the NEC, so the Grand Scénic will enable them to visit those easily.
Local police stations are several miles away from the centre, which can take a long time to reach on foot, but minutes in a car.
PC Traves said: “We really are chuffed to bits, very excited about getting the car and even more excited about using it for the first time.
“A car is something that is pretty essential to our jobs here so we are thrilled that Renault Solihull has offered to help like this.”
Renault Solihull has embarked on an initial 12 month loan agreement with the police, with a view to a long-term partnership in future.
Chris Avery, General Manager of Renault Solihull said: “It is so important for the officers at the NEC to have access to a vehicle.
The Grand Scénic is stylish, practical and with seven seats and a large boot, has a great deal of room inside.
“We are very glad to be supplying them with the Grand Scénic and hope it helps make their job that much easier in such a busy environment.”

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1-    (L-R) PC Paul Forty, Chris Avery, Alex Leigh and PC Chris Traves

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